"When you (a teacher) try to help a golf swing, unfortunately, you can win or lose, but when you help a golfer you always win"

Michael Hebron


“There are those who once dumped all his knowledge of the student, trying to reach in one hour ‘perfect swing’. Others, however, prefer to make a gradual turnaround, giving time for the assimilation of new concepts and taking a path different stages to achieve its objectives. My more than 15 years traveling the United States, my three years living there and another ten in Europe; having played more different tours, classes and courses taken at different golf teaching complexes as Phil Ritson Golf Institute and the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, made me lean for the second system. I believe that the student must guide him through a clear path towards meeting the agreed targets. That’s my philosophy.”

Golf swings don’t win tournaments.
People do.